When you arrive, you and your pet will be greeted cheerfully by our staff, who will get you checked in and answer any questions that you might have about your upcoming visit.

While you are waiting, you may choose to check out our selection of treats and training aids. We also have a library section with an array of books available for loan or purchase. Book topics include animal training, behavior modification, animal shelter guidelines, fundraising for non-profits, pet first aid, choosing a pet, pet names, fiction and non-fiction stories, and many others.

We stock a wide variety of dog and cat supplements, supplies, prescription and non-prescription healthy foods for pets of all ages. Brands that we sell and recommend are Hill’s Prescription foods, Royal Canin prescription food, Purina Veterinary Diet prescription foods, and Science Diet. While we cannot stock every flavor of every brand, we can often special-order products not already on the shelf!

Our dental area offers a wide range of options including dental diets, treats, chew toys, toothbrush kits, oral rinses, sprays and special water additives to keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

Our canine exam room is equipped with a scale that can be height-adjusted for various sized pets – better for pet safety and staff health. We also use an Adaptil canine pheromone diffuser to keep patients at ease. Educational models and videos help us explain your pet’s condition in detail as well as entertaining children while you wait for lab results.

Our feline exam room is equipped with a padded table for comfort and to decrease patient stress and fear during treatment. A Feliway feline pheromone diffuser helps cats relax during their exam and Greenies treats are available for distractions and rewards.

Our in-house laboratory allows us to provide a wide variety of diagnostic blood tests, urine tests, and fecal parasite tests with results while you wait. This allows the doctor to diagnose and treat illness in a single appointment so your pet can start feeling better right away!

Routine surgical procedures are performed daily in a sterile operating theatre at the rear of the hospital. Dr. Yule currently performs almost exclusively laser surgery to seal nerve endings and small blood vessels for less pain and faster healing. All patients receive post-operative therapy laser treatments as part of their pain control regimen – this state-of-the-art instrument decreases pain and swelling and speeds healing of all surgical incisions.

Our patient recovery area is personally monitored throughout the day by staff and is visible on video cameras that can be viewed by the front desk and remotely by Dr. Yule at home, so patient condition can be checked at any time even when no one is in the room or in the hospital. Dr. Yule is always ready to drive back to the hospital if a patient appears to be having any issues at night.

Our isolation room is used for patients with confirmed or suspected infectious diseases. Video cameras and viewing windows allow easy patient monitoring without contamination, and staff that enters the room are careful to maintain sterility with disposable gowns, gloves, and a disinfecting foot-bath when they enter and exit the room for treatments.

Our x-ray machine uses digital cassettes to produce quality images in a short period of time with no toxic chemicals. This allows the doctor to enhance the image for a better view of your pet’s body without repeated x-rays at different exposures and allows us to send images by email to radiologists for specialty consults when needed. Copies of these x-rays can be burned onto a CD for referrals or personal interest at your request.

Our office does not currently have a certified groomer available, but staff members are experienced in basic grooming. Tell us what you want and we can customize your pet’s spa experience!

*Note: pets must be up to date on basic vaccinations prior to scheduling grooming!

We stock several types of medications for external and internal parasite control. Our staff is happy to counsel you on which products might suit your pet’s needs the best, depending on the time of year, lifestyle, travel, number of pets in the household, and other factors.

We still maintain the “original” exam room from the old building, which is always prepared for morning surgical admissions. This room is often available during the day if you would like to bring in your pet for a weight check, laser therapy, toenail trim, ear cleaning or other minor procedures. Some of our pet owners bring their nervous pets for a quick visit and a cookie just to get them used to come to the hospital for something good!