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Payment Options

We accept debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) checks and cash. Cash is accepted in US funds only.  There are several banks and credit unions conveniently located in the Fort Kent area where funds may be exchanged prior to your appointment.  All cards must be signed and presented by the owner of the card.

Wellness plans are offered to allow you to spread the cost of your pet's annual care evenly throughout the year.  These plans may be prepaid directly at our office or you can contact Partners In Wellness to arrange for convenient automatic monthly payments to your credit card account.

Insurance For Your Pets

For services not covered by wellness plans, we highly recommend pet insurance to help you in times of need.

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) is one of the oldest and most reliable pet insurance companies in the United States.  See www.PetInsurance.com for available policies and applications.  For our Canadian clients, Trupanion offers coverage on both sides of the border.  See www.Trupanion.com for details.

More companies are offering pet insurance every year.  Comprehensive policies may cover everything including routine check-ups and vaccinations, which means you may not even need a wellness plan!  Less expensive policies are available to cover major expenses due to injury or illness.  This coverage can be life-saving in the face of an expensive fracture repair if your pet is struck by a car, or to cover a hospitalization if your pet eats a toxic substance or a toy that must be surgically removed.

Please be aware that in some cases, you pay for your pet's care upfront and present receipts to the insurance company to receive reimbursement.  Our office can often work with you and the insurance company to assure proper payment to us or reimbursement to you.

When expenses arise without insurance, we recommend applying for a payment plan through Care Credit.  See www.CareCredit.com or fill out an application at our office for instant approval.  Once approved, you may use Care Credit a single time or continuing use for all of your pet's medical needs.  Care Credit is accepted by many veterinary hospitals across the country in case you travel or relocate.

Highlights of the Care Credit program:

  • Low Monthly Payments (3% of the Total Balance)
  • Charges over $300 are interest- free for 3 months
  • Determine Approval in a Few Minutes
  • No Annual Fee

We encourage clients without other forms of credit to apply for a Care Credit account prior to occurrence of any accident or illness.  This way you will have peace of mind and one less thing to worry about in a time of stress should your pet become ill or injured.

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